What about the story?

We all do have stories to tell, experience to share and things to give but do we listen to stories? People are used to talk but they are need to be taught how to listen. I have always been a good listener or so I though and I have a story to share which will hopefully make you understand how little we truly listen. I was passing by Euston station one day and noticed a homeless man sitting on the ground, with his back leaned on the wall of one of the office buildings and was holding a sign with his head down. I just passed by, did not pay attention. Couple days later I was walking the same way and noticed him again and so on, every other time in next couple of weeks. One day my eyes rested on the sign he was holding and I started to read. There was his name, age and part of his life story. Once I finished I continued my journey. At the time I had no idea how his story is going to reflect on me. For next couple of days I was thinking about him and how he sits there everyday, sharing h

How important it is to get inspired?

We all should like/love being inspired; but inspiration is a tricky thing and sometimes it can cloud our judgement. Nevertheless, we are inspired on a daily basis, knowingly and/or unknowingly, either we like it or not. For example my inspiration to start this blog, write this article and post it on-line came from TEDtalk video about addiction, which you can find here . This video has very little to do with the title of my article but it showed me how important, specially for me, is to get inspired and inspired me to share my thoughts with my friends. I have started to come across the word 'inspiration' couple years ago through social media, through short videos and social experiments and it got me thinking 'how important is to get inspired'? The noun 'inspiration', defined by the Oxford dictionary, is 'the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative' but in my 'mental' mind I have been forg